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I know I haven been writing much… but since today is your birthday, your very first birthday, I just wanna record and remember more about you. So when you make mama upset in future, I can always turn to this dusty little corner and remember how you fill my life with so much love and simplicity. 

my darling asher, look how much you’ve grown over the last twelve months. Mama is enjoying every moment knowing more about you. You are growing to become a little cheeky sweetheart. Your little gestures of shaking your head vigorously and rolling your eyes whenever we ask you questions to the little smirks you give when our eyes meet. From poking your tiny fingers into our nostrils and mouth repeatedly to playing peek-a-boo with yourself when you are alone.Your sense of humour is developing to be like mine too. I like it when you would shriek in delight and excitement whenever I burst out laughing even at things you don’t always understand. I like how your face would light up whenever I switch on the lights early in the morning and start the day. How you pause and relax when we dig your ears and comb your hair. How you enjoy playing with steering wheels and would refuse to let go of it when I want to pick you up from those kiddy rides in shopping malls.

boy, you have such hot temper too. I have to be quick in responding to your back flips whenever you get upset and soothe you out of your anger by singing your favourite song since womb time; that song tt I played religiously for my class performance then. I must have sang tt song close to a thousand times since you were born (considering tt I sing abt 2-4 times daily on average).

I feel that I could understand your shyness too. Maybe you got that from mama’s genes. You always need time to warm up to strangers and clings on to me tightly when you don’t feel quite secure just yet :)

With us, you are just you. Your cheeky personality has charmed us over and over again. I enjoy hearing your usual phrases and discovering new syllabus with you. I also enjoy seeing that proud look on your face when you finally learned how to blow your lips and goes “brrrrrrrrrrrrr”, spitting saliva everywhere. I love playing toys with you your way, your style. It always brings our bond a little tighter. When our eyes meet, smiles and magic happens. It is as though we share a special telepathy with each other. 

You know, dada and mama love talking about you every night before planting a good night kiss on your chubby cheek. Even though you always gets irritated by our kisses. we truly just don’t care. Haha.

My precious boy, you have turn my world around. Everyday I look forward to learning more about you and discovering new things about the world through your eyes. Today, you helped mama pick up my water bottle when I dropped them below your seats. I thought you have grown to a big boy at that instance.

Even though I have my fair share of sacrifices to make (no more late night movies, splurging on my own clothes, fitting in old clothes, long hours with friends without worrying about anyone/anything, etc. no more), I have no regrets at all.

You are the best gift God has given to mama and dada. We are so thankful that you’ve entered into our lives as our son. No matter what happen in future, know that you are always loved, infinitely and unconditionally.

It’s getting really late and we’ve spent the whole day at zoo celebrating your birthday. My eyes are closing and my grammar is atrocious in this entry. lol. I’m too tired to edit. Just know that you are so special and precious to us, asher boy. 

good night :)



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